Innovations in the Commercial Printing Industry

As anyone who has ever paid attention to business knows, companies must constantly make improvements or even reinvent themselves. Consider well-known brands in the food service industry, for example. These companies are constantly trying new products, changing marketing slogans, and attempting to stay current. Other industries are no different, including the commercial printing business.

With the increasing popularity of smart technology and the Internet, many printing company businesses are faced with the possibility of downsizing or even elimination. Although long-established, reputable newspapers and magazines, such as The New York Times and Sports Illustrated, continue to enjoy success in the print medium, many lesser-known or small-town publications are in danger. Readers no longer feel tied to reading a print edition because the same information is generally available somewhere online. Not only do the newspapers and magazines suffer from this change in thinking, but digital printing companies are also taking a hit.

Trying Something New

In order to prevent complete foreclosure, many commercial printing services are getting more creative with their businesses and the services that they offer. While many commercial printers are being forced to shut down, others are thriving and actually expanding thanks to their focus on innovation.

These are just a few of the ways that businesses in the commercial printing industry are making changes to save their businesses.

1. cross-channel marketing – A printing company cannot just rely on its loyal newspaper and magazine clients anymore because they just are not reliable sources of income. Instead, printers must add to their clientele, and one method for doing that is through cross-channel marketing. By becoming involved in several social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, printing companies can convince new customers to access their websites and give them new business.

2. direct mail service – Another method for reaching out to potential new customers is through direct mail service, a process that involves sending postcards, letters, and mailers designed to communicate with and attract new customers. Direct mail service is a personal method for sending promotional materials personally to potential clients, and it has a very high return rate.

3. digital printing services – While the commercial printing business is beginning to flag a little, digital printing is taking off in popularity. One of the best moves that a printing company can make is to invest in digital printing, or offering inkjet-quality printing of digital-based media. This service is profitable due to its ability to manipulate images before printing and short turnaround time. Some common digital printing services include:

• Postcards for holidays, announcements, and direct mail marketing campaigns
• Flyers for personal or professional use
• Posters for projects in business and personal life
• Rack cards used for commercial advertising
Promotional products with company logos

4. designing digital displays – By expanding the business into graphic design as well as traditional printing, many companies are significantly increasing their clientele. In addition to gaining new customers, working with digital design often leads to more print jobs. Some of the design services offered by commercial printers may include:

• Digital catalogs for businesses
• Digital brochures for advertisement and travel agencies
• eBooks and eBook covers for individuals and businesses
• Corporate reports and marketing campaigns

Making Progress

The addition of some of these services combined with advertising campaigns that reduce the rates for many traditional printing services have helped turn around the business outlook for many commercial printers. By providing savings on business cards and stationary as a perk for continued loyalty from customers, many printers are able to sustain their businesses. Although the future of print journalism continues to look bleak, these innovations to extend the life of this business have created an upside for the commercial printing industry.