Football Hack: Mixing Business with Pleasure

Are you a Houston Texans football fan? Do you love watching the game with friends? At Dipuma Printing & Promotional Products, we think football season is one of the best times of year to start mixing business with pleasure! What do you mean, you ask? If you look on our website you will see that we have miniature footballs to share as party favors for your guests! As you hand out these custom promotional products to your friends and family they will see the logo of your business! Before you know it, your business is the whole conversation of the party! Those heads won’t be looking at J.J. Watt for long; you better whip out your marketing pitch! They will be so intrigued by your tiny footballs that they won’t be able to get enough of what your business or organization is all about!

BUT WAIT! It doesn’t stop there. We all know that football is an amazing excuse to bust out a cool refreshing imbibement.  Quite a few Texans fans enjoy football with cold one! Our promotional products team can help you design cookies to share! Give a guest a cold beverage with your custom logo coozie, and it is guaranteed to spark a conversation about your business!

BUT WAIT. THERE’S MORE! We cannot forget about tailgating. Football is NOT football without tailgating! Imagine this. You’re outside with all of your buddies and maybe even some strangers you’ve never met before. It’s freezing outside in the unpredictable Houston weather. People are complaining about being cold…this is your moment to shine. You unexpectedly whip out custom beenies for EVERYONE! You are the hero of the tailgate! And guess what? All of the beenies have YOUR logo on it. People want to know who you are and what you are all about. BAM you’re in business.

BUT WAIT BUT WAIT! There’s even MORE! What about going to the ACTUAL football game with friends and thousands of people? Why not start talking to fellow football fans about what you’re all about. How are you going to start talking to these people you ask? Well you need a conversation starter of course! Sports fans know how annoying the clear bag policy can be, but why not make it a way to get people’s attention? We can help. Included in our promotional products are our Cclear PVC stadium tote bags! When people see you walking around with this tote they will literally stop you while walking down the stadium and ask you where you got it! When they see your tote, you will have your business logo staring them right square in the face! Right then and there is when you start telling them about your business! It’s a perfect conversation piece!

You can’t go wrong with choosing Dipuma Printing & Promotional Products during football season. TRUST US!