Printing Your Custom Wedding Invitations

It’s no surprise that fall is THE time of the year to get married. Semi-crisp weather (that’s Texas for you), the beauty of autumnal colors, the flower selection… we could go on and on. Sadly, because of this, wedding vendors use this to their advantage, charging outrageous amounts for their service. You’ll spend hours upon hours not only searching for wedding photography and videography, but also for affordable wedding invitations. That’s where your Houston printing company comes to help.

Rather than spending a fortune on pre-designed invitations, consider designing your own custom wedding invitation and booking DiPuma for your printing needs. With the latest in commercial printing technology, we guarantee that we have the experience & expertise to get the job done RIGHT and work within your wedding budget.

The beauty of wedding trends nowadays is that simplicity WORKS. Everyone is going for the “effortless”, rustic, I-just-got-married-in-a-barn, kind of look. When it comes to wedding invitations, there is no difference. Couples have gone as far as learning calligraphy for their DIY wedding invitations, but with our digital printing services, there is no need to spend hours working on those.

Our high quality digital printing services are reliable & appreciated for their timely execution. You can assure we will use high quality ink and paper in the process, which will produce your one-of-a-kind, dream wedding invite.

We’ve rounded up a few wedding invitation ideas for your inspiration because we know the internet (and Pinterest) can overwhelm you with choices. When you’ve decided on a design, don’t forget to contact DiPuma, your Houston digital printing company, for a quote.


This printing technique is called foiling and it’s a little more than ‘simple’, but there’s no denying it’s up & coming. It’s shiny, grabs your attention & turns out beautifully if you are using metallic golds and silvers in your wedding color scheme!


An invitation like this fits any bride and groom’s desire to achieve that ‘rustic’ and ‘effortless’ look.


A sister to the ‘greenery’ trend, the ever-so-romantic boho floral style is a good one to fit the more romantic & candlelit weddings.


Classy, simple, and still manages to be eye-catching. It’s about going for the use of space, not about flashy, ‘trendy’ things, including only what you need.


Many have gone as far as taking calligraphy classes on their own to DIY their invitations, but the ‘norm’ is hiring someone to do it for you. It’s fancy and looks amazing!