Happy New Year!

January is the one month where everyone gets excited about “reorganizing” or just getting organized in general.  January is also a time when companies roll out ideas and plans to re-brand themselves and as well as their products. In this day and age of digital media, many forget that print media and propaganda is NOT DEAD.

Does your company have a company brochure? If so, when is the last time it was updated? Companies are forgetting to keep their business cards, their corporate brochures, corporate stationery, their logos & promotional products, their white papers…updated. What if you are offered the opportunity to participate in a job fair? Are you ready to rock-n-roll? Can you leave today? Do you have something presentable to offer to potential employees? If the answer is no to any of these questions, WHY?

Some of the most creative marketing and ad campaigns were on display at the CES Conference in Las Vegas this past week. Just amazing print campaigns…it’s just NOT dead. The latest and greatest of consumer electronics were on display along with extremely creative product brochures and marketing campaigns IN PRINT. It makes sense….no one can afford to give away their items/ideas/products, so they had AMAZING print pieces to give away.

Dipuma Printing & Promotional Products could be your one stop shopping experience for an good old fashioned, corporate update (a bit of an oxymoron, isn’t it?). We have in-house design staff that can help take what you have designed already (or what’s hiding in a box under your desk) OR can help you start from scratch.

What does a company need to have on hand, in print form?

BUSINESS CARDS: Sometimes a business card is the last thing someone sees after a first meeting. Sometimes you never get to meet the person you are looking for, and you have to leave a business card to be used in more of a “calling card” manner. Business cards need to WELL REPRESENT you and your business. In the instance of the CES Conference, it better be an interesting business card, or it might get tossed aside.

CORPORATE BROCHURES: Corporate brochures do not have to be terribly in depth, but they do need to have some pop. Some personality. Details such as hours of operation, complete lists of services or prducts, an “about us” section, all need to be included. And kept updated.

STAFF PHOTOS: In this day and age of digital media, it’s always good to have updated pictures/images/photos of your staff and your office. People want to see that you are real. These pictures can be included in your company brochure.

LETTERHEAD: There is so much information on the web about corporate literature (stationery) and how personal thank you notes/letters are still extremely appreciated. It is NOT a lost art. Think about it. If someone takes the time to write a thank you note, do you take it seriously? Of course you do. That takes time. Simple letter head or notecards with your company logo on it perfect for that quick thank you for meeting attendance, something out of the ordinary a staff member did. Just a little something.

It’s always  better to be prepared than to be scrambling when you need something. Contact DiPuma Printing and Promotional Products and let’s get started on getting your company updated with personalized business cards, brochures, and corporate stationery. Call today – we’re here!