Printing Your Own Promotional Materials Is Not The Best Way To Advertise Your Business

In an increasingly competitive global economy, your business must do everything in its power to stand out from the crowd. Whether your firm is an optimistic upstart with a great new idea or an established power player that looks to regain its swagger, you can bet that your competitors have been working hard to be noticed and grab market share. The commercial printing industry has a wide variety of services that can help your business rise above these challengers.

Printing companies are an extremely versatile lot. Vast improvements in digital printing technology have made it easy for commercial printers to produce large runs of printed materials in an impressive range of colors, shapes, inks and paper types. This new technology reduces printing costs by eliminating the need for disposable items like plates, screens and filters. It also dramatically reduces the cost of ink.

These technological advances allow commercial printing companies to produce a dizzying array of products and services. These include:

  • Direct mail and newsletters to help your business earn new clients and keep current customers
  • Letterheads, invitations and embossed materials to convey a highly-polished image
  • Instruction manuals and product sheets to promote and inform
  • Brochures and catalogs to broaden your firm’s geographical reach and demographic base
  • Pocket folders, envelopes and other stationery to make your brand ubiquitous

Commercial printers enjoy several additional advantages over small-scale, in-house printing operations. For starters, these businesses enjoy economies of scale. They save substantial amounts of money by sourcing their printing materials in bulk and keeping their equipment online and well-maintained at all times. When you hire a printing company to complete a job for you, your new printing ally will pass these savings along to your business’s bottom line. Importantly, your business will benefit from placing large, consistent orders: Since the initial layout and design phases of a printing job account for a significant portion of a printer’s total expenses for the project, bulk orders will have a far lower per-item cost than small-scale orders.

Commercial printing companies are also experts at creating a professional, successful image for each of their clients. The design services available even through small commercial printers are impressive. Surprisingly, technically-proficient business owners would have trouble replicating the polish, gloss and professionalism that professional printers can achieve in their design studios. Such high-quality production sets these organizations apart from do-it-yourself printing projects.

State-of-the-art layout and design programs powered by Microsoft and Apple have revolutionized the art of printing. Meanwhile, leaps in hardware technology have enabled commercial printing businesses to imbue virtually every type of paper and plastic material with detailed informational and promotional images. With commercially-printed informational and promotional materials on your company’s side, potential customers will get the sense that you are an industry leader before they even begin to read about your products and services.

Promotional Products

Successful companies are taking advantage of the digital revolution to commission the production of all manner of promotional and branding materials. These are not just seldom-used knickknacks that serve only to occupy space in their recipients’ drawers or cupboards. The promotional materials available through modern digital branding services are vibrant and memorable. They are perfect for distributing to prospective clients at business conferences in order to drum up new business and for handing out to current employees in recognition for excellent service. Classic commercially-printed promotional products include:

  • Pens and pencils
  • Shirts, sweaters and hats
  • Lanyards
  • Golf bags, shirts, balls
  • Mugs and cups
  • Chairs and cushions
  • Awards
  • Mouse pads and other electronic equipment

America’s printing company businesses stand ready to take your business to the next level. Before you become mired in a complicated in-house printing project, look more closely at the affordable, versatile services that you can get with a professional printing company. You will be glad that you did.