The Top Ten Hottest Promotional Products for 2014 – 2015

Making the most effective use of your company’s promotional budget can help you increase your profitability in the competitive marketplace. For 2014, the hottest Houston promotional products include tech-savvy gadgets, functional personal items and apparel with real appeal. Here are ten of the top promotional items for this fiscal year.

Custom Printed Stylus Pens

Stylus pens allow easier typing and communicating for mobile phone users. These convenient and portable tools can slip into a pocket, purse or briefcase to provide added ease of use for smartphones, tablets and other touch-screen devices. By offering styluses emblazoned with your company logo to your current and potential customers, you can ensure that your brand is noticed and remembered by your target audience.

Water Bottles

Customized water bottles are among the most popular promotional items and provide much needed hydration during runs or workouts. Especially if your company specializes in health-related products or services, water bottles are useful and cost-effective promotional products.

Drawstring Backpacks

Ideal for gym clothes and personal items, drawstring backpacks are inexpensive and can effectively promote your company in a wide range of venues. Opting for durable vinyl bags can allow your message to reach more people over the life of these items and can reinforce a positive image of your company as a dependable source for needed products and services.

Flash Drives

Flash drives emblazoned with your company logo can provide valuable data storage on the go. These useful items are ideal for use in promoting companies in the technology field and can increase your name recognition among tech-savvy consumers.

Tablet and Smartphone Cases

The increasing popularity of iPads, iPhones and other portable devices can provide a convenient way to promote your business. Padded or plastic cases offer added protection for these sensitive communications tools while delivering your message directly to your most likely customers.

Mini Speakers

Designed to allow customers to share their personal music collection with a larger audience, mini USB speakers are a unique promotional gift that can be used over and over and can reach music lovers for months or years after the initial presentation. Record stores, audio equipment dealers and other music-related companies can make a positive impression on potential customers by distributing these low-cost promotional items.


Your company can attract new customers every time it rains by distributing promotional umbrellas. Sturdy and practical, these items are among the most useful items available for customization by your local Houston commercial printing company and can boost your visibility throughout your community. By coordinating your promotional umbrellas to complement your company’s logo and overall color scheme, you can boost the effectiveness of your current branding efforts.

T-shirts and Hats

Wearable products are a perennial favorite for companies and organizations looking to boost their visibility in their local area. T-shirts, hats and other items of apparel can promote your company every time they are worn and are among the most durable and effective products available in the commercial printing marketplace.

USB Charging Centers

Many of the most popular technological devices require regular charging to remain useful. Customized USB charging stations are a practical solution for consumers and can ensure that your company name remains fresh in the minds of your most likely customers.


Despite the advent of technologically advanced time management tools, the humble calendar continues to be an important fixture in most homes. Attractive design and clear, readable fonts are key elements in ensuring that your corporate calendar sees regular use throughout the year.

Choosing a promotional item that fits your company’s business model and that evokes your products and services can help you make a lasting impact on your current and potential customers. Working with an established Houston printing company can ensure the quality of these products and can further enhance your position in your chosen industry.