Wedding Invitation Tips

The wedding invitation serves an important purpose, but a printing company can do much more than just inform your friends and family of when your nuptials will be. Along with the date, time and place of your wedding, your guests will need to know how to get to the venue, and you will want to know who is coming. A commercial printing company can create lovely paper products to go with the wedding invitation that will impart all of the pertinent facts. These commercial printing companies can even make personalized promotional products that will be valuable reminders that your wedding guests can take home with them.

Save the Date Cards

Before you even send your wedding invitations, you can announce the date of your upcoming nuptials with a personalized “save the date” card. A gorgeous picture of you and your intended will grace the front along with the important date written in bold lettering.

Wedding Response Cards

In order to properly plan for your wedding, you will need to know how many people will attend, and wedding response cards serve this purpose. These printed cards are a convenient way for your guests to let you know how many people will be attending the ceremony and the meal that will be servered for the reception. The printing company will even print your address on the return envelopes so that you can pre-stamp them as a courtesy to your guests.

Reception Cards

Your plan may be to have your wedding in one location and your reception in another. Your wedding invitation gives your guests details concerning your wedding, but the reception card will let your guests know where the reception will be and features about that event. This option is excellent for those who are having a small intimate wedding but have a larger guest list for the reception. If you are planning on adding reception cards, protocol is to place these cards on tissue paper on top of the invitations.

Accommodation Cards

Your out-of-town guests will appreciate the accommodation cards that you include in your ensemble. The accommodation card can include the following:

• Where to find lodging
• Where the nearest airports are located
• What there is to do in the area
• Where they can rent a vehicle

If you are making the arrangements for hotels and rental cars for your guests, this information can be printed on the accommodation card.

Directions and Maps

Directions or a map to the venue where your wedding will be held are essential. You will not want to place a bland black-and-white photocopy of this pertinent information inside your wedding invitation. This information can be printed in the same vein as your invitation and will be much more professional than the photocopied version. Make sure that your directions and maps are correct before you present them to the printer to be printed.


Couples are taking advantage of the Internet to keep their guests informed about their upcoming nuptials. If you have a website that is devoted to your wedding, you can have a card printed with your website’s address and include it with your wedding invitation. If you like, your website can be the place where your guests can let you know that they will attend the wedding and learn the details about where the ceremony will be and about the accommodations.

Wedding Keepsakes

Your wedding presents you with an excellent opportunity to have personalized products made that will commemorate your special day. For example, a printing company can customize pens with your names and the date of your wedding. The company can also place your picture on mugs that will be cherished by your friends and family. The company can even create beautiful computer mouse pads that contain the picture of your choice.