The Benefits of Using Promotional Products to Advertise Your Business

One of the most effective and affordable forms of advertising for your Houston business are low-cost promotional products, such as those available from a commercial printing company. When it comes to giveaways and branded merchandise, these items can do more to help you create an image for your business and expand your customer base than nearly any other type of advertising available. Houston promotional products are also a great addition to any multimedia advertising campaign, and a wide selection is available from online vendors and commercial printing companies.

Draw Attention to Your Business

Promotional products are very effective at drawing attention to your business in the best way possible. Deep down, everyone likes, and even wants, to get something free, which makes this form of advertising indispensable in marketing campaigns, and the best part is that it works passively and requires almost no effort.

Giving away useful, branded merchandise also works well for attracting potential clients to your booth at trade shows. If you are at a show, it is a simple matter to send someone out on the floor to give attendees free gifts and tell them where you can be found to provide them with further information about your products or services. A survey conducted by Exhibit Surveys, Inc. showed that giveaways increase traffic at trade shows by 176 percent.

Brand Recognition and Exposure

No better tool exists for helping you create a brand image for your business than promotional products. Once you have a professional logo designed, you may want to develop a tagline or catchphrase. You can then emblazon the logo, the phrase or both on your giveaway merchandise. All of these components, including the products themselves, will do wonders for the development of your company’s image.

Promotional items have a knack for travelling far and wide, and they often go through the hands of multiple people during their lifespans. This gives your brand a great deal of exposure. For instance, pens can go through the hands of a dozen people in a single day, and a person’s eyes focus on the pen they are holding while they jot down notes, write messages to family and sign important business documents. However, some people hold on to pens and other promotional items for long lengths of time, and they begin to serve as daily reminders about your company and its generosity.

Surveyors from L.J. Market Research asked travelers at airports around the country about promotional products. Of the people questioned, more than 70 percent had received at least one promotional product in the past year, and 33 percent had that product with them during the interview.

Scientific research has proven that giving people free promotional items leaves them with increased feelings of positivity, and this is exactly the kind of emotional attachment you want to foster for your brand. According to a study conducted by Louisiana State University, 71 percent of people remember companies’ names when they received free promotional products from them.

Other Advertising Ideas

One reliable way to use promotional products to increase exposure is to make your items wearable. Shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and hats can be worn in public, which virtually makes the people wearing them walking billboards. Hundreds of people will see your logo or message every day someone wears one of your items.

Another way promotional items can be used is to give them away to employees as rewards and incentives. Giving employees free items as incentives has been found to increase job satisfaction and productivity. In addition, the gifts you provide continue to work as a form of advertising, and happy employees are more apt to pass along positive information about your company.