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Custom Marketing & Promotional Products

Posted by admin - August 1, 2018 - Blog, Promotional Products Custom Pop Up Tent - DiPuma Printing & Promotional
Custom Pop Up Tent - DiPuma Printing & Promotional

Customization by DiPuma Printing & Promotional Products

DiPuma Printing and Promotional Products is a one-stop,  turnkey printing shop for all customization needs. From custom printing and duplication of paper items (corporate stationery, marketing materials, brochures, business cards, invitations, invoices, etc) to the customization of articles such as banners, t-shirts, tents, marketing and promotional products.

Recently, we had the pleasure of designing marketing and promotional  products for Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists, for a recent trade show they attended. As their chosen provider of marketing materials, our talented staff custom designed a logo and color blocked 10′ x 10′ tent, as well as banners, give-away magnets, table cloths, goodie bags and more.

Call us today with your ideas and needs, and we’ll get a quote back to you ASAP!

Unique Promotional Products To Share

Posted by Karla Martinez - February 1, 2018 - Blog, Marketing Ideas, Promotional Products, Tradeshow Marketing Products marketing products, promotional products

Promotional products are either a hit or a miss. Handing them out at trade shows, conventions, and company events is the easy part. Whether people decide to keep them or trash them is the tricky part. With this in mind, that’s why it’s extremely important to use your creative & be unique when deciding on what to use. Pens & lanyards are great, but take a look at these unique promotional products that your customers won’t forget.

fanny pack, promotional productsFANNY PACKS

We know that drawstring bags are commonly used promotional products, so we propose you take it up a notch with these customizable fanny packs. We’ve got a great variety of styles & colors you can choose from!


portable charger, power banksBecome everyone’s new best friend with these easily portable power banks. We’ve all been there before — the times we wish we had a portable charger for our phones. This mini power bank is also customizable for new logos & colors!

promotional productsCASH CANNON MONEY GUN

Don’t just make it rain at your event – make it tropical storm – with this quick dispensing cash cannon! Look, we don’t know exactly how you will be using it, but it’s fun & it will definitely entertain your customers.

Promotional Products, Lip BalmEOS LIP BALM

If you’re in the beauty or healthcare industry, handing out these EOS lip balms will definitely get people’s attention. EOS lip balms keeps lips moist, soft, and smooth, making it a “must-have” promotional product once they see they’re being handed out. When ordering from our catalog, we can also customize the lip balms with your own company or organization logo!



Holiday Promotional Products

Posted by Karla Martinez - December 21, 2017 - Blog holiday promotional products

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… to get your company’s name out there! The holidays are no doubt the easiest time to market your business. If you haven’t taken a look at our catalog, you’re missing out on the THOUSANDS of promotional products we offer. For this time of the year, we like to highlight our favorites because there’s no better way to say ‘Happy Holidays!’ than with these awesome promotional products.

promotional product christmas


No matter who you gives these to, you know they will be used! Almost every ornament you give out will be hung on a Christmas tree somewhere & with your company name on it, someone is bound to ask what your business is all about. It’s a good way to get in the holiday spirit & get your business exposure. Not only that, these also make great employee gifts! Did we mention they’re shatter resistant, too?

santa hat promotional productSanta Hats

The holiday season is often referred to as the ‘Season of Giving’. Many volunteer opportunities are available & if your staff decides to do one together, these personalized Santa hats would be the best way to show who they are representing. It’s not only a good way to show that your business cares, but also who your business is!

Holiday Cardsholiday cards promotional products

A holiday card in the mail is a great way to say ‘Hey! Thank you for being our client/customer/etc.!’. This not only help with client retention, but also with reaching out to new potential clients/customers/etc.. Personalizing these letters would make your season’s greetings seem more genuine & meaningful.


Keeping it Personal Baby !

Posted by Brooke Bowen - June 15, 2017 - Blog, Commercial Printing, Commercial Printing Company, Corporate Stationery, Custom invitations, Marketing Ideas, Printing Company, Promotional Products, Wedding Invitations custom stationery by DiPuma Print & Promo

custom stationery by DiPuma Print & Promo

Having a baby is one of the most exciting, life changing events one can experience as a person. At DiPuma Printing and Promotional Products, we want to ensure that your baby journey is the best it can possibly be. Not only can we print invitations for baby showers…we also can do stationery (commercial and personal), promotional calendars and much more. We also print customizable scrapbooks and basically anything else you can imagine. I look back on all of my baby memories and that wish I had a family company like DiPuma Printing and Promotional Products to assist in making the journey of having kids more memorable and personal.

Did you know that we also design and print customizable tote bags? How cute would it be to have totes monogrammed with your baby’s initials or name for the car, the babysitter’s car and both parents’ car – whatever you’d like? The reason DiPuma stands apart from other commercial printing companies is because we are firm believers in the fact that we think our clients should always be happy with their orders.  We aren’t happy if our clients aren’t happy and we will work to make sure all parties’ involved are good to go. Customer satisfaction is very big here at our offices printing. We guarantee all of our printing processes as well as promotional products. Every time. Every product.

We offer high-quality, full-service commercial printing services to Houston businesses and have since 1974. We’re here to help you grow your business with our business services. We don’t just do business at DiPuma, we strive to form relationships with our clients and get to know them. We’d love to be a part of your family as well. We’d be happy to help you choose and customize those footballs and cheerleading megaphones for those special events. We can do it all here. Who knows? One day down the road we could do their wedding labels, invitations, and thank you notes.

DiPuma – Houston’s commercial printing company- has been around since 1974 and we don’t plan on going anywhere as we are family owned and operated. We want to grow with you and your family and help assist you with any printing or customizing needs you have.

Houston Custom Stationery & Promotional Products

Posted by Brooke Bowen - June 2, 2017 - Blog

Remember the days when humans relied on their mouths and their vocal skills as their main source of communication? It’s okay… I don’t either. Digital technology is slowly taking over the world. Some may love the fact that they can communicate across the world in a matter of seconds, while some may think it’s terrifying. The sad reality is that humans are losing social intellect and interaction skills due to a lack of face to face communication. What happened to the good old days of actually knocking on your friends’ door to see if they’re home instead of FaceTiming them to see where they are? What happened to the good old days where kids would throw the football around outside? Let’s get our generation off their phones and back into the real world.
How exciting would it be if kids still still had the desire to play outside instead of play video games? What if people actually hand delivered thank you notes and cards instead of just simply texting “wanna come to my house” or “thanks”? At DiPuma Printing we want to help this generation interact with one another and genuinely enjoy life, just like the good old days. How much would your kids love a personalized football with their name on it? Or custom stationery with their favorite colors & hobbies incorporated on it? Let’s get kids excited about living in the real world- aside from technology.  DiPuma Printing & Promotional Products is here to help.
We basically print anything and everything. From t-shirts, anything paper, and almost everything you can dream up, we can customize for personalization or promotional products purposes. Personalize your life by getting monogrammed hats and t-shirts for the next big family reunion or wedding or special event. It’s so easy to get caught up in the same routine of life.

Spice things up and make life more interesting and fun for everyone by purchasing our unique and high quality apparel and products. Our competitive prices and high quality work makes us the leading printing companies in the greater Houston area. Don’t believe me? Come check us out and see for yourself or better yet, call today! We ALWAYS answer the phone during business hours! 713-667-5400! Follow us on Twitter @DiPumaPrintPro or on Facebook at DiPuma Printing and Promotional Products.

Printing Your Custom Wedding Invitations

Posted by Karla Martinez - February 21, 2017 - Blog, Custom invitations, Digital Printing, Printing Company, Wedding Invitations

It’s no surprise that fall is THE time of the year to get married. Semi-crisp weather (that’s Texas for you), the beauty of autumnal colors, the flower selection… we could go on and on. Sadly, because of this, wedding vendors use this to their advantage, charging outrageous amounts for their service. You’ll spend hours upon hours not only searching for wedding photography and videography, but also for affordable wedding invitations. That’s where your Houston printing company comes to help.

Rather than spending a fortune on pre-designed invitations, consider designing your own custom wedding invitation and booking DiPuma for your printing needs. With the latest in commercial printing technology, we guarantee that we have the experience & expertise to get the job done RIGHT and work within your wedding budget.

The beauty of wedding trends nowadays is that simplicity WORKS. Everyone is going for the “effortless”, rustic, I-just-got-married-in-a-barn, kind of look. When it comes to wedding invitations, there is no difference. Couples have gone as far as learning calligraphy for their DIY wedding invitations, but with our digital printing services, there is no need to spend hours working on those.

Our high quality digital printing services are reliable & appreciated for their timely execution. You can assure we will use high quality ink and paper in the process, which will produce your one-of-a-kind, dream wedding invite.

We’ve rounded up a few wedding invitation ideas for your inspiration because we know the internet (and Pinterest) can overwhelm you with choices. When you’ve decided on a design, don’t forget to contact DiPuma, your Houston digital printing company, for a quote.


This printing technique is called foiling and it’s a little more than ‘simple’, but there’s no denying it’s up & coming. It’s shiny, grabs your attention & turns out beautifully if you are using metallic golds and silvers in your wedding color scheme!


An invitation like this fits any bride and groom’s desire to achieve that ‘rustic’ and ‘effortless’ look.


A sister to the ‘greenery’ trend, the ever-so-romantic boho floral style is a good one to fit the more romantic & candlelit weddings.


Classy, simple, and still manages to be eye-catching. It’s about going for the use of space, not about flashy, ‘trendy’ things, including only what you need.


Many have gone as far as taking calligraphy classes on their own to DIY their invitations, but the ‘norm’ is hiring someone to do it for you. It’s fancy and looks amazing!



Football Hack: Mixing Business with Pleasure

Posted by admin - January 12, 2017 - Blog

Are you a Houston Texans football fan? Do you love watching the game with friends? At Dipuma Printing & Promotional Products, we think football season is one of the best times of year to start mixing business with pleasure! What do you mean, you ask? If you look on our website you will see that we have miniature footballs to share as party favors for your guests! As you hand out these custom promotional products to your friends and family they will see the logo of your business! Before you know it, your business is the whole conversation of the party! Those heads won’t be looking at J.J. Watt for long; you better whip out your marketing pitch! They will be so intrigued by your tiny footballs that they won’t be able to get enough of what your business or organization is all about!

BUT WAIT! It doesn’t stop there. We all know that football is an amazing excuse to bust out a cool refreshing imbibement.  Quite a few Texans fans enjoy football with cold one! Our promotional products team can help you design cookies to share! Give a guest a cold beverage with your custom logo coozie, and it is guaranteed to spark a conversation about your business!

BUT WAIT. THERE’S MORE! We cannot forget about tailgating. Football is NOT football without tailgating! Imagine this. You’re outside with all of your buddies and maybe even some strangers you’ve never met before. It’s freezing outside in the unpredictable Houston weather. People are complaining about being cold…this is your moment to shine. You unexpectedly whip out custom beenies for EVERYONE! You are the hero of the tailgate! And guess what? All of the beenies have YOUR logo on it. People want to know who you are and what you are all about. BAM you’re in business.

BUT WAIT BUT WAIT! There’s even MORE! What about going to the ACTUAL football game with friends and thousands of people? Why not start talking to fellow football fans about what you’re all about. How are you going to start talking to these people you ask? Well you need a conversation starter of course! Sports fans know how annoying the clear bag policy can be, but why not make it a way to get people’s attention? We can help. Included in our promotional products are our Cclear PVC stadium tote bags! When people see you walking around with this tote they will literally stop you while walking down the stadium and ask you where you got it! When they see your tote, you will have your business logo staring them right square in the face! Right then and there is when you start telling them about your business! It’s a perfect conversation piece!

You can’t go wrong with choosing Dipuma Printing & Promotional Products during football season. TRUST US!

When to Send Invitations for Your Upcoming Event

Posted by Courtney Johansson - November 11, 2016 - Blog, Custom invitations, Wedding Invitations

At DiPuma Printing Company, we know how vital invitations are to the success of your event. Sure, you could send an evite or you could make friends aware of an event through Facebook, but custom printed invitations are so much more personal. Whether it’s for a birthday party, a wedding, a baby shower, or a charity function, invitations tell your guests everything they need to know and give them a tangible reminder of the upcoming event.

Once you’ve designed your invitations, perfected the wording, and sealed and addressed the envelopes, it’s time to decide when to drop them off at the post office. If you send the invitations out too far in advance, people might forget about the event before the big day. If you send them out on short notice, it is likely that few people will be able to attend because of prior engagements. So, is there a magic number? How many weeks or months in advance do you need to mail out your custom printed invitations?

It depends mostly on what type of event you are hosting. If it’s a birthday party, Parents Magazine says to stick the invitations in the mailbox no later than 2 weeks prior to the party, and no earlier than 4 weeks. As for a baby shower, Baby Center says to give your guests anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks’ notice.

When it comes to weddings, more time is needed because at least a few guests will need to make travel arrangements. The Knot says to aim for 6-8 weeks beforehand, unless you plan on having a destination wedding, in which case you should send invitations out 3 months before the big day. “What about save-the-date cards?” you ask. Save-the-dates should go out 6–8 months in advance.

If it’s a charity or fundraising gala that you’re planning, Protocol & Etiquette Worldwide advises that invitations should be mailed out 6–12 weeks before the event.

On the other hand, if you are a guest that has been invited to an event, the Manners Mentor says to RSVP within the first 24 hours of receiving an invitation. The host has a mountain of work to get done before the event, and it’s common courtesy to respond early so the host can get a solid headcount to help with his or her preparations.

We know better than anyone that invitations can make or break an event—after all, what fun would a party be without any guests? When you’re ready to print your custom invitations for your upcoming shower, gala, or dinner party, we’re here to provide you with high-quality printing.

How to Pair Fonts for Your Houston Print Design

Posted by Courtney Johansson - October 20, 2016 - Blog, Commercial Printing, Commercial Printing Company

As a Houston printing company, we know that typography is one of the most crucial keys to good graphic design. Whether you’re creating a design for your business cards, letterheads, flyers, or logo, choosing the right fonts is critical. You want to choose fonts that represent your business tone well––ones that are aesthetically pleasing and easy to read. Choosing multiple fonts allows you to add eye-catching variety to your design, but there are right ways to mix fonts and there are wrong ways to mix fonts. For starters, a good rule of thumb is to choose only 2 good fonts. Too many typefaces can cause chaos in your design––and not the good kind of chaos. Here are a few other tips to help you with your design.

Try Something Bold

Don’t be afraid to pair a flashy font with a more conservative font. The bold choice will quickly draw attention to the main points you want to make in your design, while the more simple choice will offer the details for the information in an easy-to-read manner. The only caveat? Don’t use a busy font for large paragraphs of text. It will be hard to read and your audience will lose interest. When it comes to body text, simplicity trumps glamour.

Avoid Pairing Similar Fonts


Choosing two similar fonts can quickly turn your viewers off from your design. For example, choosing two sans serif fonts can be disconcerting for the audience because the two fonts are just a little bit off. Likewise, choosing two thick, bold fonts will be confusing for the viewer because the weights will compete with each other. Your viewer will not know where to look first. Choosing two fonts from the same style category will immediately throw off your design.

Play Around with Different Weights


Not comfortable mixing two different fonts? That’s okay. Pick a classic font that you love and change up your design by using a heavier weight for emphasis. Use a thick, bold font to draw attention to your headers, and use a lighter font for your body text. Staying in the same font family is the perfect way to add depth to your design without getting too crazy.

Keep it Consistent


Consistency is absolutely crucial in design. It helps your audience filter information. Choose one font for your headers and another for your body text so that viewers can quickly discern the message you are trying to express.  

Once you’ve chosen the perfect fonts for your print project, you can move forward with your design. Once you’re ready to print, give your favorite Houston printing company a call.


Why Print Still Matters

Posted by Courtney Johansson - August 31, 2016 - Blog, Commercial Printing, Commercial Printing Company, Offset Printing, Printing Company

Is print dead? Quite the contrary

You’ve probably heard it a million times––print is dead. Despite the rumor that print is a waste of resources, we believe print is alive and well. It’s not dying, it’s simply changing. And we’re not just speaking as a printing company, we’re speaking as consumers and observers. Print is still worth your time and money, and no matter what the critics might believe, it’s here to stay. So why is print still so effective after all these years?

Print is personal

Anyone can send a quick email or a mass tweet saying “thank you for the follow.” Anyone can create an online ad or write a Facebook post promoting a new product. It’s quick and easy, but it’s also very impersonal. With a print ad or business card, your customer can feel a tangible connection to your business. The printed product shows a level of effort that isn’t easily achieved with online advertisements.

Print is refreshing

Nowadays, we are bombarded with information on the internet. With banners and ads screaming at us from every corner of the web, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. With a printed flyer or business card or informational packet, your potential customer can feel relaxed because they only need to focus on the information at hand––they needn’t worry about pop-ups and other ads vying for their attention. Chances are, they’ll be able to really soak in the information that your print media has to offer because they won’t have the other distractions that come with online information.

Print is effective

Because we see so many different advertisements online, we tend to filter what information we soak in and what information we ignore. It’s like putting on blinders. We start to ignore the ads on the side of our Facebook timelines and keep scrolling right past the promoted posts. But with print, the customer has a piece of information they can physically connect with, so it’s harder to ignore. It’s more difficult to filter print ads because we’ve become so accustomed to digital media that print is now different and exciting to us. With print, it’s likely that your customers will remember your company a lot better than they will the other guys.

Now, we’re not saying that digital advertising isn’t good for your business. It definitely is. There are many pros and cons to both print and digital advertising–-just like all things in life, each has its strengths and weaknesses. However, we firmly believe that print is good for your business, and using the resources necessary to adapt print into your marketing plan is worth it. Print can increase brand recognition, allow you to connect with your client-base, and give your customers a better idea of what your company has to offer.

Even if print advertisements are not really in your marketing game plan, other print products besides advertisements can help boost your business and increase sales. With print, the sky’s the limit. Custom business cards allow potential clients to keep your information handy and the physical card helps them remember you when the time comes for them to use your service. Custom stationery, like envelopes and letterheads, helps increase brand recognition, so your clients learn to recognize your logo and remember your brand in the future. Custom newsletters help keep your clients in the loop and make them aware of upcoming events, industry news, and new products.
Whatever you need printed, we are here for you. Whether it’s high-quality printed menus, informational pamphlets, or promotional products, we’ll gladly work with you to help make your business the best it can possibly be. Come find out why we’re the best printing company in Houston.